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Then and This Weekend...

The Perfect Poison (Arcane Society)- by Amanda QuickWhile I've always enjoyed Amanda Quick books, since reading Ravished, back when I was still in High School, I found myself, a few times, doing something while reading this one that I've never done before: Laughing out loud...making this my favourite of the Arcane Society books, so far. 3 Stars

Blood Deep- by Sharon Page: Was't much different from the other two books in the series, aside from the fact that the villains from the prior two books were the Heroes here, and there was a vampires-to-humans transformation that didn't ruin the entire story for me...as that has always been a pet peeve of mine, when it comes to vampire novels. Giving it 3 stars.

The Oblivion Society- by Marcus Alexander HartI absolutely loved this one! I'm always up for some good apocalypse-themed fiction and this one rocked. We've got: Nuclear bombs, mutated monsters, hilarious group of misfit survivors, angst, sorrow and an ambiguous, but hopeful, ending. 5 stars.

Girl vs. Bear: Stories from the 80s- by Lisa Kerr: I was pretty disappointed in this. I grew up in the 80s, and was looking forward to reading this when I came across it. It's a small, quick read, with none of the stories being longer than 5-6 pages, if I remember correctly. However, aside from some of the music that was mentioned, this didn't take me back to that time period at all. As to the individual stories themselves, they were ok but none of them made me glad I'd read the book. As a matter of fact, had I not gotten this from paperback swap I'd have been upset with myself for having wasted money on it. 2 stars.

Going Nowhere Faster- by Sean Beaudoin: This is about a guy named Stan, who at 17 has no idea what he wants to do with the rest of his life...well, actually, he wants to write a screenplay, but every time he starts one he realizes how dumb the idea is and scraps it. So, he lives at home with his quirky family and flatulent dog and works at the local video store. He also thinks an old High School bully, who once threatened to kill him, is back in town to make good on his promise of bodily harm. This was good, but again I'm glad I got it, basically, for free. 3 stars.

Just This Once- by Jill Gregory: I bought this at a yard sale for $.10, which was about what it was worth..as far as my enjoyment of it goes. The premise sounded promising: Female pickpocket gets caught robbing a gunslinger, who it turns out is actually an English Lord...he was a Second Son, but he just got word that his older brother had died, making him the sole heir. He left due to a falling out with both his father and older brother and planned never to go back, but he ends up going and thanks to a stipulation put into the terms of his father's will, to punish him even from beyond the grave, he must marry a proper lady, or one of his vile relations inherits the family fortune. So, Ethan, our gunslinging-English Lord makes a bargain with Josie, our pickpocket...and, as we later find out in the story, Long-Lost-Granddaughter of a, (if I rember correctly), Duke. Josie, of course, has led a crappy life, but she's still a softhearted woman who constantly reaches out to others. Ethan, on the other hand is a bitter man and looks for the worst in people. So, when it comes to the big "I Love You" revelation in this story, when Ethan asks Josie how she couldn't tell that he had loved her, basically, the whole time they were together..I had to roll my eyes. A romantic love story this was not. The last few chapters, slightly, redeemed the story, but overall I could have passed on it. 2 stars.

Scandalous Lovers- by Robin Schone: I can't explain why, but this reeled me in from the first page and I couldn't put it down...which is why I spent, basically, all of my Sunday off reading it. I liked the couple in this one and the supporting characters were interesting as well, so much so that I found myself wishing they had each gotten there own stories, since many of them paired up towards the end of the book. Also, this was another one of those books that makes me thankful for the Woman's Rights Movement. Imagine being put in an asylum, by a male member of your own family, simply because you weren't acting the way he thought you should. 5 stars.


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